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LC4 Corbusier chaise

Why we're passionate about Vintage, Mid Century and 20th Century furniture

Design is much more than form, function and material possession; it enriches our lives and satisfies our souls. It surrounds us in a subtle and comforting way and provides a welcome haven from the pressures of everyday life.
This website celebrates this ideal and showcases design from the 20th and 21st century. If you therefore want to find and buy vintage, mid century modern, retro or contemporary design and furniture we have something for everyone. Whether you’re looking to invest in iconic furniture or want to be inspired by something newer, we’ll do our best to turn your head. We aim to complete the circle from the past to the present, and this highlights how enduring design and contemporary form can co-exist happily side by side.

Great design that's also great for the environment

We live in a throw away culture where many of the things we buy have a limited life span. That is, in part, understandable given the huge increase we've seen in population over the last century.  This has led to more intensive, lower cost manufacturing and to a global market in goods; which naturally has a significant environmental impact. High end design and craftsmanship of course still exists but at a price the majority can't afford. This is why making more use of everything around us can only benefit us all - and what better way to do that than to honour the beauty and history of design by buying preloved and cherished vintage and contemporary items?

Cherished Designs is the culmination of my lifetime of collecting Art and Design and from the last 13 years of working with discerning private clients and interior designers to create a new online presence. I'm passionate about beautiful objects and from whatever decade or century; from the 19th through to the 21st, but with an emphasis on Mid-century and 20th Century Art and Design.
Having also designed, curated and launched the ARC Eclectic design show in London in June 2017 and and Rewind Design Events in July 2017 to further the cause of building the vintage marketplace, I've since been concentrating full time on Cherished Designs. CD’s objective is to bring beautiful items into people’s homes; your four walls are so much more than a 'box'. From classic to contemporary, and always with an emphasis on quality and customer service, we aim to offer you something different - often unusual but always captivating, creative and compelling.
Thinking inside the box

David Rokov

Managing Director

Cherished Art and Designs Ltd


                                   ''We recently had the pleasure and good fortune to meet David of Cherished Designs, and visit his warehouse. However, ‘Warehouse’ really doesn’t do it justice - it is more like an Aladdin’s Cave full of wonders for anyone interested in 20th Century furniture and design. Clearly David is such a person, with an extensive knowledge and passion for his large collection, lovingly accrued and nurtured over many years.

He had laid out a beautiful presentation for us on our visit, so that we were able to examine and test out at first-hand, and explore at our will. Having seen a set of dining chairs and table on-line, the visit enabled us to confirm our initial response to the furniture, and we were able to conclude our purchase in very amiable and fascinating surroundings over a cup of coffee.

David very kindly offered to deliver the furniture to us at a mutually agreeable date. When it duly arrived, all very professionally wrapped and protected against any possible damage, David helped place it in-situ so that we could all agree we had indeed made exactly the right choice.

A truly bespoke service, and one we would highly recommend to anybody looking for excellent quality, and often quite unique, 20th Century gems.''

Google review - David B, London, England.

Ask about our free of charge procurement service for finding and buying vintage furniture
We have relationships with over 100 auction houses both in the UK and in Europe that we buy from on a regular basis as well as business relationships with in excess of 50 dealers that we regularly buy items from to meet our clients needs. In other words if you are looking to find a special Vintage, Mid century or iconic piece of furniture there's a very good chance we can find it for you!

Naturally our website lists our current stock but we also have a Previous stock archive page that you can visit HERE to gain a broader understanding of the range of items we shave sold in the past. This shows items we've sourced and sold over the last 6-12 months, so gives a current view of the styles, design and eras we have been active in.

In this way we work closely with Interior Designers and other design professionals, along with private buyers, to provide a free of charge procurement service to source a wide range of furniture, art and decorative accessories. If you are interested in using this service please get in touch via our contact page HERE and we'll do our utmost to help.

'Simplicity is the ultimate


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