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15 piece Art Deco Royal Winton ‘Jazz’ Coffee set circa 1925 complete with 6 cups and saucers, coffee pot, sugar bowl and cream jug.


Wonderfully vibrant Art Deco coffee set designed and produced in the mid 1920s by Royal Winton in their Grimwades factory, Stoke-on-Trent. Although many people think of Clarice Cliff as having redefined the use of colour and design on ceramics in the late 20s many manufacturers, like Royal Winton, were already pushing those boundaries years before. They may not have had the whimsy, or in some cases the daring of Cliff, but there’s no question Cliff’s 1929 ‘Sunray’ design and the vibrant greens on her ‘Conical’ collection owe a little to RW’s Jazz design.


Royal Winton Ware, formerly Grimwade Brothers, was founded in 1885 by Leonard and Sidney Grimwade. Business was so brisk that by 1912 they had already added 7 other potteries to their business and continued to expand under the Grimwades Ltd name. By the mid 1920’s they had over 1,500 employees and became one of the largest earthenware manufacturers in England. They produced literally hundreds of designs over the years but were most famous for their ‘Chintz’, with even Queen Mary happily purchasing a Winton tea set in the new Queen Mary Chintz design.

Interesting to note that Winton’s never actually applied, or were given, the Royal warrant to therefore use the ‘Royal’ prefix. King George V and Queen Mary had visited the factory in 1913 and were on good terms with the Grimwades and therefore had no objection to them using the word – which in any event they had been using since 1897.    


This set includes the coffee pot with lid, sugar bowl, cream jug and 6 cup and saucer sets – and you’ll note that the coffee pot has a patent number 301262, stamped on the base. This refers to the lid that they used on many of their coffee and tea pots which was a sliding lid. The lid and pot worked essentially like a ‘tongue and groove’ fixture that locked the lid in place. Why? So that you didn’t have to hold the lid on when you were getting to the end of pouring out your coffee in case it fell off! Clever, but not entirely necessary as you still can’t help putting your finger on the top of the lid when pouring anyway.


All in all it’s in wonderful condition considering it’s knocking on the door of an antique at very nearly 100 years old. There is a little bit of crazing of the glaze here and there and a few very small nibbles and tiny spots of discolouration. It doesn’t detract at all from the appeal of the set and is in fact much better condition than you would expect for a set of this age.     



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15 piece Art Deco Royal Winton Jazz Coffee set circa 1925

  • Style
    Art Deco

    Date of production


    Coffee Pot: H18.5 x W18 x D9.5cm
    Cream Jug: H7.5 x W9 x D5,2cm 
    Sugar Bowl: H5.5 x W7.5 x W7.5cm
    Cup: H6 x W7.5 x D 5.7cm 
    Saucer: H2.5 x W11.7 x D11.7cm
    Note the width of the coffee pot, the cream jug and cup includes spouts and handles

    Number of pieces included in price

    Very good vintage condition


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