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PLEASE NOTE - this item has now been sold. If you're looking for something similar please get in touch and we'll do our best to help.


Exceptional set of glass sculptures by acclaimed British glass artist Stewart Hearn


This installation piece is called ‘Another New Burn’ and was commissioned by a private client in 2007. It represents the regeneration and reclamation of land, and new growth. This explains why one sculpture is clear as it represents the purity of nature and therefore the cycle of decay and regeneration through the colour burn in each piece back toward a goal of purity once again.


With the largest central piece standing at just under 1 metre tall they are a striking art piece that would look stunning as a centre piece on a feature table, or as a well-lit piece on a console table. They would equally be at home on a window sill with the light shining through them or in a walled recess or viewing box between two rooms. They could be configured as either a linear installation as shown in the photos, or as a circle – or indeed could be separated into 2 or 3 collections of pieces to be placed in other rooms.


The piece is ideal for a residential setting but would also work equally well in a corporate setting especially if the company concerned had a business or ethos that reflected the regenerative aspect depicted.


Height of largest piece: 92cms (36 inches)

Height of smallest piece: 69 cms (27 inches)

Number of pieces included in price: 5

Average base size (they are all slightly different): 15.25 x 12.7 cms (6 x 5 inches)

Rough size of footprint if all pieces are placed tightly next to each other: 66 cms (26 inches) wide x 15.25 cms (6 inches) deep - but obviously they could take up a larger space if space is allowed between them..

Condition: excellent with no obvious chips or scratches

Provenance: each piece signed to the base 'Stewart Hearn 2007' and also confirmed original by the artist himself via email.



Artist’s Biography
Stewart Hearn’s Glass is highly sought after representing as it does his mastering of the craft for over 25 years, and having worked alongside some of the greatest UK glass artists of this generation. Revelling in the time-honoured tradition of glassmaking, Stewart blends traditional skills with modern techniques to create stunning hand blown glass art and has himself now become one of the great pantheon of glassmakers.


Having perfected his craft Stewart worked as a designer for Dansk International, USA before coming back to England and co-founding his own glassworks in London. His work has been exhibited worldwide and he also undertakes commissioned work; both for commercial companies and private individuals from around the globe. As such his work can be found in the permanent collections of Anglo American, Standard Life and the Crafts Council, as well as in the private collections of fashion designer Bruce Oldfield, among others.


People with exceptional taste from around the world have fallen in love with the bold work of this acclaimed British Glass Artist and as such his pieces justifiably command high prices. As an example, a stock pair of his beautiful silver topped Zephyr candlesticks currently sell for £1200 – and naturally his unique commissioned art pieces for a substantial premium above this approaching 5 figures.


Stewart has also designed awards for numerous high profile organisations , has won a host of awards and an exhibited at a multitude of specialist art events and galleries – in fact there are too many to list here, but a full list can be found on his website along with details of his current work and stock item projects.



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Exceptional set of glass sculptures by Stewart Hearn

  • PLEASE NOTE - this item has now been sold. If you're looking for something similar please get in touch and we'll do our best to help.


    Hand Blown Glass


    Organic Modern, Abstract Modern, International Style, Contemporary

    Date of production



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    Number of pieces included in price


    Very good


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