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PLEASE NOTE - this item has now been sold. If you're looking for something similar please get in touch and we'll do our best to help.


Large, rare and unique early Isabel Tennant 23 carat gold leaf circular mirror dating from 1996.

This is a beautiful crafted hand carved circular mirror by the professional gilder and designer Issy Tennant. It dates from the early part of her career; which now spans over 30 years of creating some of the most desirable decorative interior items available.


Working independently at that time, Issy conceived and created items in her studio that were either one off commissions for high end clients or were made for sale in a handful of exclusive interior design boutiques in and around Chelsea in London.


After this period of development, where she established an enviable reputation amongst Interior Designers and discerning clients, she then started working with her sister Stella; and Tennant and Tennant was formed in 2012. The pair have gained well deserved recognition for their bespoke designs that often include natural and found objects, reflecting their love and fascination of the Natural World. Their work is a collection of lamp bases, mirrors, tables, panels, carved flowers and decorative pieces made by exploring both water gilding and oil gilding - traditional techniques that remain identical to those used by Renaissance artists and craftsmen.


Mirrors, however, have always held a fascination for the pair and their mirror designs are much sought after with their current range selling at prices from £7,000 - £9,000.


This particular mirror, as in fact all their mirrors are, is unique. Even though they may sell up to 6 mirrors of each base design each of the 6 all vary by size, shape and finish and often are personalised for the buyer. Naturally because of the hand made nature of each piece, each has its own character and style.


From Issy herself regarding this mirror:

“The frame is water gilded, 23 carat gold leaf, over a pattern of carved gesso and hand-drawn raised gesso Fleur de Lys. The background colours are grey watercolour and black clay. The convex glass has been hand gilded at the studio with silver leaf, a technique called verre eglomise”.


The mirror is presented in very good condition with just a few small marks here and there. It has a slightly distressed look, (as can be seen from the photos) which forms part of the basis of the original design and the back has some light marks (which obviously can’t be seen when hung). The convex ‘mirror’ section is, as Issy says, verre eglomise so is not intended to have a perfect finish or give a perfect reflection. As such it has the look of an antique, aged mirror, as intended. This can be seen in the photos by the variation in finish and by the slightly irregular forms and joining of the silver leaf pattern; which of course therefore reveals the hand crafted nature of the piece. Impressive in its own right and in natural daylight, when lit the mirror takes on a different life and light; beautifully glowing with a gentle incandescence.


The mirror is significant in providing a historical perspective of Issy’s development and growing eminence as a designer. It represents an early starting point in her career that has subsequently lead to International acclaim alongside her talented sister at Tennant & Tennant.




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Large circular early Isabel Tennant 23 carat gold leaf mirror

  • PLEASE NOTE - this item has now been sold. If you're looking for something similar please get in touch and we'll do our best to help.

    Contemporary, 20th Century, Decorative

    Era or date of production

    Gold leaf, Silver leaf, glass and wood

    96cms Diameter x 4cms deep

    Number of pieces included in price

    Very good with just a few small marks.


    Questions or offer
    Do you have questions or want to make an offer? Please contact me via the contact page HERE. I'm always happy to help.



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