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A large decorative pair of hand crafted polished metal Vitarka mudra Buddha Hands set upon black lacquered wooden plinths.


PLEASE NOTE - this item has now been sold. If you're looking for something similar please get in touch and we'll do our best to help.


These unusual and striking pair of hands are difficult to date: they could be early 20th Century, Mid century or have been crafted later in the 20th Century. What we do know is that the previous owners purchased them at a leading London auction house in the late 1990’s and at that time their origins and date of production was also unknown. They are in very good condition and maintain a character of a hand crafted piece which means that each hand is slightly irregular in shape and form.


As shown in the photos they can either be placed together to form a central focal point or separated if required. Each hand is also able to rotate on the metal supporting rod that slides into the base to allow different configurations. The black lacquered wooden bases (which are typical of Asian design) are free standing. They are shown simply standing on a sideboard top but would look even more striking if raised on a glass column or plinth.


At nearly 1 metre in height from base to fingertip they are certainly a talking point and would become a focal point in any room or reception area with the dimensions to show them at their best. The added advantage of the polished metal construction is that it naturally shines with the colour of any light shone on it. On this basis under a warm LED the metal radiates a comforting warmth whilst still naturally reflecting its surroundings.


The use of Buddhist Mudras (hand gestures) dates back 1000’s of years and these days is also often used in the practice Feng Shui. The depiction in these hands is of the Vitarka mudra, being the extended fingers and with the tip of the thumb touching the tip of the index finger. The Vitarka mudra represents teaching and intellectual discussion, or constructive argument, and thus allows for a transmission of knowledge in a protected way without being hindered by fear.

From a Feng Shui perspective they are therefore best placed in a library, study or home office setting. However, if you're used to having dinner parties that generate lively debates, maybe the dining room would be a good choice...



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Large hand crafted polished metal Vitarka mudra Buddha Hands

  • PLEASE NOTE - this item has now been sold. If you're looking for something similar please get in touch and we'll do our best to help.



    Antique, Asian, 20th Century

    Date of production



    Polished steel, metal and lacquered wood



    H 95cms (inclusive of plinth)

    W 40cms (inclusive of plinth)
    D 40cms (inclusive of plinth)


    Plinth Dimensions: H 14cms x W 40cms x D 40cms


    Number of pieces included in price


    Very good


    Questions or offer
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