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An exceptionally beautiful and unique butterfly artwork installation created by artist Nick Jeffrey.


PLEASE NOTE - this item has now been sold. If you're looking for something similar please get in touch and we'll do our best to help.


Set in a bespoke Perspex box this piece features a gold leaf, antiqued mirror as a backdrop for the butterfly installation. Each butterfly is mounted on thin Perspex tubes fixed to the mirror and as such give the impression of flying through the air – because the mirror reflects its surroundings the butterflies become part of your space, as if in flight, but in suspended animation. It’s a very clever and beautiful effect which is further enhanced by the 3D depth of the piece created by also setting the butterflies at different levels within the case.


Nick Jeffrey became famous for this type of art and was actively exhibiting and creating new pieces on a regular basis from around 2010 – 2016 . By their very nature they were only handcrafted in small numbers, which of course means each piece is totally unique. Usually commissioned by private individuals and a handful of interior designers, Nick also created a few notable installations for a number of exclusive hotels such as The Corinthia in London.


But it appears no more – for whatever reason Nick has disappeared from the scene and none of his social media feeds or website appear active anymore. It’s such a shame and just makes the few pieces he did create even more cherished and treasured.

This artwork is designed to hang on a wall but Nick also created a few pieces that were set into centre and coffee tables - so this could work equally well as an impressive centre table in a social seating area by setting it within a wooden or metal frame.


Artist biography
Born in Luanshya, Zambia in 1975, Nick Jeffrey has created original art forms born out of a fascination with the natural world. Working with butterflies, insects, flowers and fish, Nick celebrates the colours, textures and patterns found in the fleeting brilliance of nature. Increasingly well-known for his spectacular butterfly artworks, Nick combines raw and modern materials such as Perspex, resin and mirrors with real butterflies from the sustainable farming industry, helping to protect the species with the conservation of their habitats.


Using light, reflections and shadows to replicate movement, Nick has pioneered and adapted new techniques to capture the transient beauty of the species in life and art. Nick has also taken inspiration from ancient techniques such as 15th century fresco painting and traditional Japanese art forms, including Shinto shrine screen paintings and gyotaku fish prints, combining art with natural science and entomology.


“It is this passion for the world we live in and a determined observation that leads me to learn as much about it from the great naturalists, and to inquire into new ways of representing nature to others.”


Please note: the background of the piece is not blue, as shown in the pictures; it is a mirror so simply reflects the colours and images around it. I’ve tried to show this more by taking it outside where you can see in two of the pictures it’s reflecting the sky. Also note that whilst the box is heavy (around 25kg) it does have a solid hanging strip fixed on the back that allows it to be fixed to the wall with brackets (not supplied).




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Unique Nick Jeffrey gold leaf mirrored butterfly installation artwork

  • PLEASE NOTE - this item has now been sold. If you're looking for something similar please get in touch and we'll do our best to help.


    Contemporary, 20th Century, Figurative, Surrealist.

    Date of production

    Perspex, Glass, Butterflies

    H100 x W100 x D10cm


    Number of pieces included in price

    Very good with just a few light marks and scratches to the perspex frame.


    Do you have questions or want to discuss this artwork more? Please contact me via the contact page HERE. I'm always happy to help.



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