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A unique vintage Italian square form wooden sculpture in different cuts and shades of Mahogany by artist Pina Pedano.


Pina Pedano is based in Italy and has been working in wood for over 50 years. He creates both limited edition pieces as well as larger, more valuable, unique pieces for private clients and galleries.


Much of his work uses segments of wood to create cohesive forms that in many respects echo life; as are all our lives are made of segments we bind together. In this way he carefully joins the pieces back together and creates an art form from how the natural grain and fissures in the wood merge with each other.

The pieces are multiples of the same sections but, by their very nature, can never be identical, as each represents a movement in the position of the source. He also often uses the same wood but cut in different ways, or from a different part of the tree, to create a change in colour and texture.


Ultimately we all see different pictures in the art we observe and so in these structures there are sights to see, but we will each see a different idea and perspective; exactly, no doubt, as the artist intended.


I believe this item is a unique one off piece as his editions are usually numbered near the signature, and in any event are smaller, and far simpler constructions. I also believe the sculpture is made from Mahogany and uses both the main dark wood grain as well as a lighter grain called Sapele to create the frame around the sections. It’s secured to a heavy ebonized wooden base and both the art sculpture and the base are in good vintage condition.  


This item is sold as a single piece but, by reference to the last photograph, you can see I have another piece from the same artist that is also available to purchase via one of my other listings on this site.



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Vintage Italian square wooden sculpture by artist Pina Pedano

  • Materials

    Abstract, Vintage sculpture

    Era or date of production


    With Base – H46 x W38 x D18cm
    The actual sculpture – H37 x W35 x D4cm

    Number of pieces included in price

    Very good vintage condition

    Do you have any questions or would like to discuss this item further? Please contact me via the contact page HERE. I'm always happy to help.



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